Due to the current restrictions announced by the Bulgarian government related to COVID 19, our tours will not operate until 13.4.2020
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City Tour is partnering with AllDental Clinics Ltd. which offers world-class Dental Treatment and Cure.

AllDental Clinics Ltd. is a dynamic company, functioning as a full-service facilitator and dental clinic with its own dental laboratory for dental tourism in Bulgaria. It offers access to a wide range of dental packages.

It is important to emphasize the high quality of its services as a result of established clinic AllDental Clinics ltd. There communication between all department is perfect and which give extra time after the treatment of the clients/patients to explore Bulgaria.

AllDental Clinics Ltd. is striving to be one of the leading organizations that offer dental health care packages including the best dental treatment. Through permanent development and a raise in the quality of the product, it wants to make Bulgaria a significant and intriguing destination for alternative dental and medical tourism, turning your attention to human resources and nature.

In their team, the people are aiming for the highest quality, short-termed and full of positive emotion Dental Treatment in Europe. It differs because of the professionalism and correctness.

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Dental service in Sofia
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